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Why so saturated...

When we sit back and take a look at where fashion has taken us, do we clap or cringe? To me, it's a revolving door in a sense. Fashion used to be about being creative and wanting to be different from the next designer, just as music should be. Golly Jesus, these days everybody wants to be in the fashion world; it's so saturated. Do they see it as a passion or just fast cash with their fast fashion? What makes me frown is the active copycats we see through our explore page, such a horrendous scene I can say. We need to steer them far, far away from the industry with no apologies. Stealing from independent designers is just tasteless, give credit when it's due. The large trendy clothing companies really don't care about nothing, just a buck.

What can be done to change this, or if anything? One question is: is fashion dead? In my opinion, we need to pluck out the pluckable. Social media is one of the causes of the fashion lovers being uninterested in this industry anymore. Everyone sees everything, nothing is left to the unknown the public just have too much access. While I sip on my latte, I end on this note: Let's make fashion desirable again, not a waste.

Lola B


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