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The Ups and Downs

Running your own business can be hard, but the outcome is always a blessing. When you put everything into your passion you will definitely succeed. I'm not sure why people take the negative parts of running a business as being so horrible, I see it as a good motivation. The bad decisions teach you what not to do the next time, BALOL NYC have been a business owner for 3 and a half years, I have learned so much and can say I'm very proud of my failures and great moments. The goal is to keep your chin up high and always try to rebrand yourself and make your brand better. If something is not working, try a different idea or new product to captivate your audience. Definitely can relate I had reached the point where I desired for my business to go down a different avenue to have more products to order and today we BALOL NYC Beaute. Tap into every aspect of fashion in any way that can lead new customers to your business. One key piece of advice from me is research and go with your gut!

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