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Alone Time

Oh how we should be blessed and thankful for valuing time to our self. People in this day and age will never understand why some people just enjoy being alone. Myself have always been a loner it's something about the quietness and quality time you get for yourself, this can be so addicting. When giving most of your time to others; by always being accessible none stop, dealing with someone else problems and making sure your loyal where no one can second guess you it definitely gets draining. Why not put yourself first and others in the back burner, no matter if it's family or friends that get in a frenzy. Why are you questioning me when you should just understand. Taking care of yourself first makes you a better person in all aspects of your life. One key of advice keep getting up and just going and not explaining a damn thing to no one, don't be that person that never got to explore the world because of the next person.

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